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Published article - Asia Communications and Photonics Conference, ACP'2013 - November 2013
All-optical 9.35 Gb/s wavelength conversion in an InP photonic crystal nanocavity.
Asia Communications and Photonics Conference, ACP'2013, Beijing, China, November 2013. Paper AW4A.7.

D. Vukovic, Y. Yu, M. Heuck, S. Ek, N. Kuznetsova, P. Colman, E. Palushani, J. Xu, K. Yvind, L .K. Oxenlwe, J. Mrk, C. Peucheret

Wavelength conversion of a 9.35 Gb/s RZ signal is demonstrated using an InP photonic crystal H0 nanocavity. A clear eye is observed for the converted signal showing a pre-FEC bit error ratio down to 10⁻³.

Vukovic_acp_13_AW4A.7.pdf (available for everyone)

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