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Published article - Optics Express - November 2013
Parametric amplification and phase preserving amplitude regeneration of a 640 Gbit/s RZ-DPSK signal.
Optics Express, vol. 21, no. 22, pp. 25944-25953, November 2013.

Z. Lali-Dastjerdi, M. Galili, H. C. Hansen Mulvad, H. Hu, L. K. Oxenlĝwe, K. Rottwitt, C. Peucheret

We report the first experimental demonstration of parametric amplification and all-optical phase-preserving amplitude regeneration for a 640 Gbit/s return-to-zero (RZ) differential phase-shift keying (DPSK) optical time division multiplexed (OTDM) signal. In the designed gain-flattened singlepump fiber optical parametric amplifier (FOPA), 620 fs short optical pulses are successfully amplified with 15 dB gain with error-free performance and less than 1 dB power penalty. Phase-preserving amplitude regeneration based on gain saturation in the FOPA is carried out for optical signals with degraded optical signal-to-noise ratio. An improvement of 2.2 dB in receiver sensitivity at a bit-error-ratio of 10^-9 has been successfully achieved after regeneration, together with 13.3 dB net gain.

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