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Project report - LASAGNE IST-1-507509 - December 2004
First report on simulation results of node functionalities employing all-optical logic gates.
LASAGNE IST-1-507509.

J. Zhang, N. Chi, P. V. Holm-Nielsen, E. Kehayas, F. Ramos, M. T. Hill, Y. Liu, H. J. S. Dorren, K. Vyrsokinos, J. Martinez.

In this document, the simulation results of node functionalities employing SOA-based all optical logic gates are presented. SOA-MZIs are considered as the basic functional blocks for implementing the different network functionalities required at the optical nodes, i.e. label/payload separation, label reading, label insertion and tunable wavelength conversion. Results concerning the design and modeling of the above subsystems are described in details.

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