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Project report - TOPRATE IST-2000-28657 - October 2004
Terabit/s system demonstrators and lab experiments within TOPRATE.
TOPRATE IST-2000-28657.

E. Lach, M. Schmidt, M. Witte, K. Schuh, D. Rouvillain, E. Corbel, P. Pecci, A. T. Clausen, J. Seoane, A. I. Siahlo, L. K. Oxenl°we

This public deliverable summarizes the work and the main results within the TOPRATE workpackage WP 5 ``Terabit/s system demonstrators and lab experiments''. A DWDM test-bed of 8 channels of 170 Gbit/s (160 Gbit/s + 7% FEC overhead) with 300 GHz channel spacing is characterised in back-to-back configuration and in transmission experiments. In a first experiment limitation of transmission reach over standard SMF ist evaluated and 1200 km transmission is achieved for single channel and 600 km for 7Î170 Gbit/s DWDM transmission. The target of the second lab trial was to prepare the transmission trial over deployed fibre of the France Telecom network in the Marseille-Toulon-Les Arcs area. 8Î170 Gbit/s DWDM transmission over 445 km SSMF in the lab has been successfully achieved with 4dB margin on Q Factor using adaptive Polarisation Mode Dispersion Compensation. A 320 Gbit/s OTDM system is reported and 320 Gbit/s transmission over either 80 km of NZDSF or 80 km of SMF is achieved. An OTDM system based on only two pulses is used to evaluate the performance at 640 Gbit/s. Analysing these results a true 640 Gbit/s OTDM system was constructed and error-free operation was obtained.

TOPRATE_D5.4.pdf (available for everyone)

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