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Project report - TOPRATE IST-2000-28657 - 10 2004
High speed demultiplexers and receivers within TOPRATE.
TOPRATE IST-2000-28657.

L. K. Oxenl°we, A. T. Clausen, A. I. Siahlo, J. Seoane, M. Schmidt, K. Schuh, B. Junginger, E. Lach, O. Brox, C. Bobbert, T. Tekin, B. Sartorius

This deliverable summarises the work done within the TOPRATE workpackage WP4 "High speed demultiplexers and receivers". The receiver used for DWDM 160 Gbit/s is presented. Single channel OTDM receivers for bit rates beyond 160 Gbit/s are described in terms of demultiplexers implemented as NOLMs and clock recovery based on optical phase detection in a Phase Locked Loop. The potential of a self-pulsating DFB laser used to generate the required control pulses for demultiplexing with a clock frequency extracted all-optically from an OTDM signal is evaluated.

TOPRATE_D4.5.pdf (available for everyone)

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