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Project report - TOPRATE IST-2000-28657 - October 2004
Design and implementation of OTDM sources for N×160 Gbit/s DWDM and <= 640 Gbit to < 1 Tbit/s based on EAM, modelocked laser, soliton effect and supercontinuum..
TOPRATE IST-2000-28657.

C. Kazmierski, J. Decobert, F. Blache, E. Lach, M. Schmidt, K. Schuh, B. Junginger, J. Mulet, J. Mørk, A. T. Clausen, M. Kroh, C. M. Weinert, H. G. Weber, E. Le Rouzic

Final comparison of the OTDM sources for 160 Gbit/s WDM transmitters. Model of pulse compression will be presented, and implemented pulse compression stages will be characterised. Simulation model for External Cavity Mode Locked Laser will be presented, with optimisation input to partners. Discussion of the suitability of different source components for OTDM 320-640 Gbit/s. EAM 40GHz pules carver source technological development is shown to improve speed and spectral performances. Advantages, impairments, practical component availability analysis based on the system Tx requirements studied in the project.

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