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Project report - TOPRATE IST-2000-28657 - October 2004
Terabit/s transmission aspects within TOPRATE.
TOPRATE IST-2000-28657.

M. Schmidt, M. Witte, F. Buchali, E. Corbel, A. I. Siahlo, A. T. Clausen, L. K. Oxenl°we, J. Seoane, R. Llorente, R. Clavero, J. Perez

This public deliverable summarizes the work and the main results within the TOPRATE workpackage WP2 ``Terabit/s Transmission Aspects''. Higher order PMD compensation based on a two-stage PMD compensator is demonstrated in the lab and at first field experiments by using electronic 42.7 Gbit/s eye monitor feedback signal. Dynamic dispersion compensation based on phase modulation of pulses both in transmitter subsystem or receiver subsystem is analysed by means of simulations and experimental work. Optical sampling system will be presented using an optical switch based on FWM in a novel high nonlinear photonic crystal fibre. PMD and linear crosstalk impairments monitoring technique is proposed and its feasibility demonstrated targeting high spectral efficiency DWDM/OTDM 160 Gbit/s networks. High spectral efficient OTDM/DWDM systems applying novel orthogonal-OTDM/DWDM techniques are proposed and evaluated.

TOPRATE_D2.5.pdf (available for everyone)

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