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Project report - TOPRATE IST-2000-28657 - October 2004
Terabit/s system concepts and networking aspects within TOPRATE.
TOPRATE IST-2000-28657.

R. Leppla, S. Vorbeck, M. Schneiders, O. Leminger, E. Le Rouzic, B Cuenot, A. Richter, I. Koltchanov, J. Marti, F. Ramos, J. M. Martinez, K. Schulze, P. Pecci, Y. Frignac, D. Rouvillain

This report is a synthesis of 3 years simulation studies on Terabit/s system concepts and networking. Main results concerning transmission, engineering rules and subsystems requirements are presented. Generic system concepts and modelling are presented based on one partner's modelling platform. Different transmission scenarios are analysed and compared. Impact of state of the art subsystems on transmission is evaluated. Field trial simulations are provided as a support for technical implementation of the field trial. Optical networking studies include network node definitions, architecture and functionality, control and management and network dimensioning. Advanced optical networking techniques are simulated and significant issues related to node networking functionalities are analysed.

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