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Project report - STOLAS IST-2000-28557 - June 2003
Experimental results on single-channel transmission of orthogonally modulated signals.
STOLAS IST-2000-28557.

N. Chi, J. Zhang, P. V. Holm-Nielsen, B. Kozicki, C. Peucheret, I. T. Monroy, S. O'Duill

In this deliverable we present the first experimental results concerning the generation, detection, transmission and signal processing of orthogonally modulated IM/FSK and IM/DPSK signals. The orthogonally modulated signals are transmitted over dispersion compensated spans based on either SMF or NZDSF and an optimisation of the dispersion management is reported for single channel. Label erasure through XGM in a SOA, label insertion through XAM in an EAM and transparent label preserving wavelength conversion in a HNLF are reported for an IM payload at 10 Gbit/s and a DPSK label at 2.5 Gbit/s. Label swapping of a 10 Gbit/s IM payload with a 312 Mbit/s FSK label is performed using XPM in a SOA-MZI and XAM in an EAM. Two-hop transmission consisiting of two fibre links separated by a label swapping node is achieved succesfully, hence demonstrating the feasibility of the STOLAS concept. The use of Manchester encoding is suggested in order to relieve the strict extinction ratio requirements on the payload induced by the orthogonal modulation of the label.

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